A world of Photo ceramics

Ever since the beginning the primary objective of Fotoceramica Lomi has been to bring the art of photo ceramics to a higher level, separating it from what is its stereotypical use, the commemorative art, and putting it in a context that is quit more ample.In just a few years photo ceramics were turned that way into real statements, able to provide unique ornamental solutions with a high emotional impact.
Ceramic, with its thousands of colours and its infinite combinations, could not play a leading part if it was not able to transmit emotions.For that reason and with technology as its accomplice it was possible to confer at our work its peculiar character: personalisation.A memory, a journey, a landscape, a face: ceramic, with its vivid colours and its eternal solidness has demonstrated right from the start to be the ideal instrument to immortalise forever your emotions...

Luciano Lomi
Managing Director Fotoceramica Lomi
FOTOCERAMICA LOMI - production of mosaics in photo ceramics and porcelain artefacts personalised with your photographs
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Fotoceramica Lomi