Personalised mosaics in photo ceramic

Fotoceramica Lomi uses since several years an innovative tecnologic procedure called PERSONAL CERAMICS which allows to compose Mosaics reproducing a photograph or drawing you supplied on a mail of ceramic tiles in various sizes.
All images, weather they are in colour or in black and white, can be faithfully reproduced. It is also possibile to use drawings, logos and graphic elements, combining images and text, adding whatever decoration you wish.
The high level of personalisation of this method, joined to the large variety of different sizes of tiles and mails that can be realised, makes is possibile to produce Mosaics of all shapes and sizes.
Starting from squares of cm 30x40 composed by small tiles of cm 2x2, large Mosaics of m 4x3 can be reached and even entire façades of houses can be covered.The range of use of these Mosaics embraces all that concerns architecture, both interior and exterior and, why not, publicity. Our Mosaici, realised with extremely resistant porcelain stoneware tiles do not fear atmospheric agents and can be used to cover walls even in areas that are particularly aggressive such as those near to the sea.
Thanks to this feature they are ideal for covering façades, as garden furniture and covering of floors and walls for fountains and swimming pools.Our colours, which we guarantee are faithful to the ones of the original photographs, can maintain its tone and polishing unchanged for all times.
For that reason, besides its decidedly estetic and decorative role, our Mosaics in photo ceramic are particularly suited to be used for signs and poster designing.In a lot of characteristic villages, in protected areas and areas of particular natural interest the minimum visual impact of a ceramic artefact and at the contrary the estetic value that it offers, is undeniable.
If one thinks about the morphological characteristics of ceramic, that remains unchanged by time, the use of these Mosaics in every field that displays to the public images and text is without any doubt to prefer to any other existing material.

Seen the vastness of the subject, Fotoceramica Lomi has dedicated an entire web site to Mosaics in photo ceramics:

Taking a look at this site you can learn all about the stylish solutions this technology offers, consult prices and lots and lots of practical samples.

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