The classic photo ceramics

Besides the big effort to give a decorative and uncommen use to photo ceramics, Fotoceramica Lomi produces the classic photo ceramics for the common commemorative and holy art.

The range of articles goes from the classic shapes such as ovals, rectangulars, squares and rounds to “books” and “parchment papers” in a very large variety of sizes.

It is possible to reproduce everywhere images in the three different tonalities: colour, sepia-tone, black and white.All manufacturing is elaborated with the best technologies, following precise procedures to guarantee a 100% permanent unchanging quality.
The firing at a 900°C temperature is guaranteed by a proper brand name on the back of each artefact.

Fotoceramica Lomi boasts an experience of over 25 years in the manufacturing of photo ceramics.

FOTOCERAMICA LOMI - production of mosaics in photo ceramics and porcelain artefacts personalised with your photographs
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Fotoceramica Lomi